Elizabeth Ducie

Elizabeth is a townie; she was born in Birmingham and spent more than thirty years living in London and Dartford in Kent. But in 2007 she moved to Devon with her husband, Michael, and now lives in a semi-rural setting on the edge of the small town of Chudleigh. She loves the diversity of flora and fauna in the region; enjoys looking out of her window onto fields and a farm yard; and revels in the fact that within a few minutes she can be at the coast or in the middle of Dartmoor.

With a background in international travel and technical writing within the pharmaceutical industry, it is not surprising Elizabeth’s writing has a transnational flavour. Her debut novel, Gorgito’s Ice Rink, and many of her short stories are set in Russia while her latest novel, Counterfeit!, is set in Southern Africa.

For more than twenty years, Elizabeth ran her own small business, and in addition to her fiction, she also writes and lectures on business skills for authors.

You can find out more about Elizabeth and her writing on her website.


COUNTERFEIT_FRONT_150dpi.jpgWhen a colleague buys a bottle of fake cough syrup with tragic consequences, regulator Suzanne Jones’ mission to stop counterfeiting in Africa becomes personal. But her investigations bring danger ever closer. In Uganda a factory burns; Suzanne’s friend goes missing; and in Swaziland and Zambia, children die.

Who is supplying the fake drugs? What is the Eastern European connection? Can Suzanne stop the counterfeiters before more people die?

Counterfeit! is the first in the Suzanne Jones series of thrillers. In 2015, it won third prize in the Literature Works First Page Writing Prize. It is available as an ebook and in paperback. More details here.

Gorgito’s Ice Rink

Gorgito_FRONT webWhen Gorgito Tabatadze sees his sister run off with a soldier, he is bereft. When she disappears into Stalin’s Gulag system, he is devastated. He promises their mother on her death-bed he will find the missing girl and bring her home; but it is to prove an impossible quest.

Forty years later, Gorgito, now a successful businessman in post-Soviet Russia, watches another young boy lose his sister to a love stronger than family. When a talented Russian skater gets the chance to train in America, Gorgito promises her grief-stricken brother he will build an ice-rink in Nikolevsky, their home town, to bring her home again.

With the help of a British engineer, who has fled to Russia to escape her own heartache, and hindered by the local Mayor, who has his own reasons for wanting the project to fail, can Gorgito overcome bureaucracy, corruption, economic melt-down and the harsh Russian climate in his quest to build the ice rink and bring a lost sister home? And will he finally forgive himself for breaking the promise to his mother?

A tale of love, loss and broken promises, Gorgito’s Ice Rink tells one man’s story through the eyes of the people whose lives he touched. In 2015, it was Runner-Up in Writing Magazine’s Self-Published Book of the Year Awards. It is available as an ebook or in paperback. More details here.

The Business of Writing

Book Cover NewElizabeth is a scientist by education and training; she actually like maths, project planning and system management. However, most writers she meets are the complete opposite. They are horrified at the thought of having to stop creating in order to do the paperwork, the administration, the ‘boring’ bits of running a business.

For the past few years, she has presented workshops on the Business of Writing at the Swanwick Writers’ Summer School. In 2012 and 2013, she produced a series of blog posts on the same subject and she occasionally discusses business issues during her weekly posts.

The Business of Writing brings all that material together in one place, then expands and extends it. The aim is to provide a simple route by which writers can set up and run their own small businesses. It identifies the ‘basic minimum standards’ that must be achieved, while freeing the writer to spend the maximum possible time. The Business of Writing is available in full as a paperback; alternatively, each section is available as a separate ebook: Part 1 Business Start-Up; Part Two Finance Matter; Part Three Improving Effectiveness. More details here.